Facebook to Increase Staff by 50 Percent

The ever popular social networking site Facebook will expand it's faculty by %50 this year.

Facebook has 900 employers already.

Nokia to Make Netbook

The world's largest phone manufacturer Nokia Corp. will start making it's small and light netbook same with Computer manufacturers, they said Monday.

Nokia Booklet 3G runs on Microsoft Windows Software.
10-inch screen

2.8 pounds in weight

The said netbook by Nokia Corp. will be released on Sept. 2 and like most of the netbooks they are selling this for less than $500.

Nokia's netbook will have a built-in GPS navigation chip, and aluminum cover.
Nokia before was specializing on PC's but then they became the cell phone powerhouse and made a push-off with their computer production.


World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Confirmed

The new expansion of the game was confirmed and will be released according to Blizzard during the Blizzcon 2009. Blizzcon is the annual games convention by Blizzard.

The expansion "Cataclysm" is said to shake things up in Azeroth's existing play zones.




Here are some of the FAQ's of the game:

New races: Worgen (werewolves) and Goblins

Level cap: level 85

Classic Zones Remade: Quest to level 60

more on http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/cataclysm/faq/


Plants Vs. Zombies on iPhone

Plants Vs. Zombies Now on iPhone

The game Plants vs. Zombies from Popcap Games said they are going to coming out to iPhones and iPod Touch this late 2009.

Plants vs. Zombies is a game like tower defense. You are going to defend your house and your brain by using plants and your defense skills to kill and fight zombies lurking in your lawn to take you brain.
Playing Plants vs. Zombies is very amusing as you see lots of zombies with different styles. You can see zombies wearing cool suits, using a ride, bringing their own sheilds like broken screen doors, but the most attractive zombie is the zombie immitating Michael Jackson dancing Thriller while attacking and killing your plants.
And as for the plants, you can see any kinds of plants having their own ways of attack. They immobilize zombies while other bombards zombies untill they drop their head off.

More and more is becoming amused with this game because if you reach the Endless Survival mode, you will really have to release your all as zombies keep coming endlessly.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Nokia on India

India is Nokia's Next Target Market.

Nokia will be targeting India making it its second-largest market. The Finnish company will expand by offering India low-cost handsets.

Nokia also aimed to remove the affordability barrier, said executive and president Olli-Pekka Kallsvuo. Analysts say that Nokia already penetrated India sharing more than half of the mobile handset market.



District 9: My Own Review

The is the best sci-fi movie I have ever seen. There's a mix of excitement, anger, sadness, etc. At first it was really annoying because the camera keeps moving but when you watch it until the end you will really hold your breath at every scene as the actor fights for his life.

The actor accidentally sprayed himself in the face with a canister made by the aliens, and little by little he is becoming an alien. He was about to lose courage but the love for his wife made him stronger. The fight for his life is very dramatic! This is really a nice movie.

Watch the trailer here:


Sony Playstation 3

Sony's Playstation 3 is down by $100 to $299.

Effective immediately, the price of the 80 gigabyte playstation 3 will cut down said Sony Corporation.

They will also be launching a new model of playsation 3 and it is more slimmer and lighter. The said release will be in the month of September.